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Riccardo Marzi

RICCARDO MARZI, the creator of the Company, comes from a heterogeneous education, based on a solid family culture: his grandfather was a sculptor, specialized in alabaster, while his father was a woodcarver. Such a context steered him towards making the most of his manual ability.

As a boy he began to work in one of those ceramic workshops, where he witnessed the creation of sculptures and decorations, and where he met exceptional individuals, artists, poets, and friends who eventually became popular; at the same time he studied in the Art’s Institute of Florence. Various circumstances induced him to intensify very different experiences dealing, for example with innovative materials, getting in touch with the industrial world.

Made in Tuscany

We believe that the concept of Made in Italy has been too much misused and globalization has contributed to create further confusion: Made in Italy has been mistaken for designed in Italy, which, we know, it’s not properly the same thing; so we would like to highlight a “brand” that is increasingly becoming iconic and it happens to be synonymous with excellence and quality: MADE IN TUSCANY.

The discovery of unusual techniques pushed him towards new possibilities and inspired him the creation of a variety of objects, such as lamps, photo frame, centrepiece and trays, in transparent resin, with stones, flowers, leaves and shells incorporated in them.

That’s how the first idea of the Riccardo Marzi Company was born, but the road was long and winding: working with materials produced for other purposes meant inventing a job without the help of known habits, uses, techniques, know-how, solutions. It meant making continuous attempts, learning from mistakes and improving one’s skill, doing periodical research to find the best formula for today’s stunning resin transparencies.