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Vesta products are the result of modern technology which, along with mastery and craftsmanship, give life to unique and unrepeatable, creative and functional products.
With this philosophy, today Vesta collections include: – Vesta Home: furnishings, objects and lamps made for the most part in special, transparent and two-tone acrylic, this one obtained by rigorous craftsmanship and technology. But it is in light that the methacrylate finds its colours as lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, where the plexiglass plays with shadows and gives the space a very special effect.
VESTA was born in Osimo, Marche, and it works with a diverse group of designers, architects, art teachers and industrial designers … so they can meet the needs of all audiences.
This brand, was choosen by Amoritalia, because it combines attention to detail, and progress by offering new objects and playing with different and futuristic materials.
The designer products of Vesta are innovative, original, functional and rich in detail without betraying the Made in Italy look and feel. Methacrylate, steel, metal, porcelain, polypropylene and many others are the materials that give shape to the different objects produced by this brand.