Made in Italy Quality

Since the 1980’s the Made in Italy merchandise has been used to indicate the high quality materials, elegant style and creatively unique nature of Italian design. World leader in the Automotive, Food, Fashion and Furniture design industries, this stamp of quality is guarantee that all raw materials and production methods follow strict guidelines to assure that anything leaving the country with this label, represents the highest standards as is expected of all Italian produce sent abroad. guarantee that sellers may offer only genuine products and truly Made in Italy. If you purchased a product through it is guarantee if it si found to be counterfeit or not Made in Italy. will also fully refund the cost of your purchase.

Scope of guarantee

It is considered Made in Italy products, those products that are create and final assembled in Italy and 75% of the material is processed in Italy. In some special cases some products will contain more then 25% of material processed outside of Italy. In these case they supplier will put a notice. It doesn’t influence the Made in Italy criteria if the raw material is not Made in Italy. is part of Itality group