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Jimmy Tartufi

TARTUFI JIMMY is a company specialized in the marketing of fresh truffles and manufacture of products of high quality preserved truffle . It has developed over time and today is present in the Italian and foreign markets (Europe, United States, Brazil, Asian Countries, Russia, Middle East, United Arab Emirates).

Tartufi Jimmy born in a pristine area, where the natural ecosystem allows the development of the most prized species of truffleSince 1980 the company’s founder, driven by his passion for this precious tuber, has created a buying network and exporting sale worldwide. Their truffles are a unique asset for the quality and variety, rich flavor, not always easy to find, highly representative of a particular territorial identity, good to eat, but just as good food for thought.

I believed in my dream 
and life has helped me to realize it.
                                    John Cecchini (Founder)