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Appennino Food

Truffles: Earths’ treasures

The truffle, an underground treasure that only develops in soil with specific, perfectly balanced characteristics.
Only some areas in Italy can boast of giving life to the Truffle: Appennino Food’s is one of them.
Inspired by tradition we process these raw materials wisely and carefully in our range of products designed for practical and immediate use in the kitchen.

Mushrooms for every occasion

The mushroom is the king of the forest undergrowth. It is unique in its aroma, taste and consistency.
The seasonal cycle are generous in their supply of this fruit of the earth, allowing us to make available the freshest produce at its very best.
Inspired by tradition, we skillfully process these raw materials in our product range with a view to their practical and immediate use in the kitchen.

APPENNINO mushrooms and truffles: tradition, nature and technology.

The brothers Luigi and Angelo Dattilo have always shared their love for nature, forests, mushrooms and truffle. This allowed the company, founded with the name Appennino Funghi e Tartufi, and then renamed Appennino Food Group Spa, to become a reference point in its sector. Passion is still the main ingredient, but there is so much more. Thirty-years’ experience of the Dattilo brothers ensures the choice of the best raw material and extreme care is then applied when the latter are handled. Most recent technologies guarantee safe, certified and traceable products, with an unforgettable intense aroma.

The company, from the owners to the employees, shares the same mission: mixing tradition and innovation, in order to present our specialities on your tables.