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Franco Pugi

FRANCO PUGI was founded in the 1970’s by the young and creative entrepreneur Franco Pugi.

Pugi came from a family of industrialists involved in the textile industry therefore opening a door for him into the fashion world. Franco began his career driven by his passion and desire to revisit the authenticity of Italian craftsmanship and expertise.

The company logo, two galloping horses, was designed to represent the successful collaboration between Franco and his wife Elena in both life and work. During the 80’s and 90’s the business grew exponentially and the Franco Pugi brand achieved great recognition for its bags and accessories not only in Italy but in America and Japan as well.

Having achieved much success Franco and his family decided to make their home in South America. After being away for ten years and with much encouragement from his daughter, Lara, Franco felt that it was time to return to Italy to relaunch the business. With great enthusiasm, energy and the support of a talented team Franco is inspired to realize his many projects and dreams. Franco Pugi bags with their original designs are colorful and versatile making them attractive to women all over the world.

They carry the “Made in Italy” label as they are 100% handmade with great care and attention to details by Italian artisans.