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With an eye on the workwear production and another on current culture, BAKARÀ creates bags and accessories which feature youth and innovation, as well as peculiar hardware and materials. By combining its designs with innovative fabrics, Bakarà strives to create bold and attractive pieces

The main concept behind the collections changes from season to season, always adapting new ideas to the signature innovative material. The aim of the company is to empower young women through statement accessories which are easy to recognize. Since 2006, Bakarà’s parent company has gathered great experience manufacturing technical fabrics and producing high-quality workwear. 

These roots allowed us to create a product that features the expertise of the workwear production and a strong sense of fashion. Today, the company is still the place where all the ideas are put together and brought into reality. The result is a young brand which is atypical at its roots. “We are not like them but we can pretend.”