Riccardo Marzi

Montespertoli - Toscana

Inspired by the colors and shades of the Tuscan landscape, Riccardo Marzi expresses his artistic skills through original furnishing creation where Nature is magically "suspended". Thanks to the the combination of natural elements with a surprisingly transparent synthetic resin, daily life objects come to life: centerpieces, vases, photo frames, trays, where each color and nuance seems to reproduce the changing seasons, making them live forever. Grown among craftsmen Riccardo studied arts and soon was able to express his creativity in several Florence ateliers in the late Fifties. His curiosity for new materials compelled him from the start to pursue the arduous feat of “inventing” a new art.
Inspired by fossil ambers, Riccardo grew fond of the notion to utilize the transparency of resin in order to make everyday objects that might preserve indefinitely the beauties that Nature provides. 

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Showing 1 - 9 of 171 items