Ceramiche Mori

Ceramiche Mori, dal 1963

The Mori firm was born fifty years ago, in Montelupo Fiorentino, founded by Pietro, esteemed ceramist painter who ventured into the field of ceramic manufacturing. Today it is Martina, the daughter of Mario and grand-daughter of Pietro, who has picked up the baton and continues the family tradition with the enthusiasm and the dynamism typical of young people. Mori is a small artisanal firm, that has its strong points in employing professionals coming from the Accademia dell’Arte and in a few fundamental pivotal points: the constant research of quality, the relentless care of the detail, the great passion for one’s craft and work, and respect of Made in Italy. These are exactly the features that Amoritalia love of it and make Ditta Mori appreciated by national and international clientele. When you enter the family workshop, besides encountering a welcoming atmosphere, you can immediately appreciate the master handcrafting, the meticulous care for details, the preciousness of the decorations that only the one-of-a-kind or limited edition objects, also realized under the directions of the client, can guarantee. You can feel the love for one's work, the search for new decorations, the classic ones adapt to new forms, because the testing is the basis of ceramics. All the handicrafts made by the Ditta Mori are recognizable for their liveliness and freshness: with their decorations, inspired by the “Mediterranean” tradition, they can perfectly fi t in any kind of interior, whether classic or modern, bringing color and warmth everywhere.

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