Vesta Srl

Ancona - Marche

Vesta has an extremely mixed team of designers, architects, art teachers, industrial designers. Each unit meets the needs of customers.
The company was founded in Osimo in the Marche region, a rich land in traditions that bind to progress thanks to the work of local entrepreneurs.
Vesta is a brand that wants to unite the tradition to the attention to detail to the progress; thus proposing, objects with new forms that "play" with materials that are different and futuristic.
The design products signed Vesta are both innovative, original, functional and rich in detail without losing rigor in the made in Italy. Methacrylate, steel, metal, porcelain, polypropylene and many others are the materials that give shape to the different objects produced by this brand.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 54 items