Firenze - Toscana

Born from the clever fusion between art, craftmanship elegance, class and culminating in the high fashion world expression of the “Francopugi.” Using the highest quality raw material we manufacture bags to achieve a subtle and distinct  Italian fashion icon. There is a strong bond to the colours of his Tuscany, land sometimes languish; emphasizing culture and civilization. The effectiveness of the collections,  company ethos, precious crafts and uncompromising values elevates Franco Pugi rising success throughout the European and American markets. These confirmations and this purity of  origin underpin the creative genius of Francopugi. His signature is further enhanced by a cascade of fashion events and complimentary product range.

The Francopugi collection of bags, belts, scarfs and shirts are a subtle statement of soft tones blended to a refined elegance of feminine discovery  and the newest trends. Francopugi image is that of exclusive  style, full of glamour that will stand the test of time remaining slick, savvy and subtle.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items