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Since the beginning LineaSette has sought for new stylistic forms and new production techniques to complete and improve the manufacturing tradition. Stoneware, an extraordinary tough and waterproof ceramic, is chosen as the main material for several products such as vase and pots, trays bottles, human/animal-shaped objects. The production technique is strictly handcrafted: porcelain gres is worked by craftsmen hands and made extremely resistant to water, thanks to high temperature firing. Each object is like a pure and essential sculpture, as if it is shaped by nature. Harmony, balance, joy and freedom are the basic features of all products. Their shapes must be free, harmonious, rough, smooth, matt and polished, able to create, confuse and hover amazingly. Every object is personally supervised by its creators during each step of the production process: from the initial design to the final product, thus ensuring the quality of the handcrafted work. Each creation is treated with care and individually packed in a case that will preserve its integrity.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 39 items